The Digital Architecture Laboratory is the expression of a research group of the Computer Science Department (Dipartimento di Informatica) within the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Areas of interest:
Signal and image processing
- Sparse recovery and compressive sensing
- Independent component analysis (ICA)
- Audio separation of mixed sources
- Face recognition by sparse representation
- ECG compression by sparse representation

HW/SW architecture design
- Model design and analysis
- Neural and genetic models to solve combinatorial problems
- Real-time audio and video processing
- FPGA programmable logic
- Multi-DSP boards
- CUDA multicores
- Embedded systems (mixed-signal processors)

Image/video processing
- Camera calibration/self-calibration
- Real-time video calibration on DSP hardware
- 3D scene recontruction through area and edge matching
- Depth-based object segmentation

Sensor Networks
- Camera calibration/self-calibration